Burning Wood


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"Burning Wood Helps the Environment"

Click to see enlarged photo In addition to the beauty and warmth it offers, a fire burning efficiently in an advanced, clean-burning wood stove or fireplace can provide real environmental benefits. These days the media is full of reports about the need to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. These gases, carbon dioxide in particular, are causing the average global temperatures to rise each year. If left unchecked, the resulting climate changes will create great hardship for all of us. The best way to help the environment is to reduce the burning of fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and gas.

While saving and esthetics probably inspire most people who heat with wood, the health of the environment is another good reason. Wood differs from fossil fuels because it is renewable. As a tree grows, it absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and stores it in the wood as carbon. This carbon makes up about half of the weight of the wood. When wood is burned, carbon dioxide is released again into the atmosphere, the same amount that would have been released had the tree died naturally and rotted on the forest floor. In short, our forests can provide a perpetual fuel supply if they are cared for and managed properly.

Let energy from the forest light up your hearth this winter and do the environment a favour at the same time.

Article from Home and Garden 2001 dated Sunday September 16, 2001 THE LANGLEY TIMES

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