Our Company

Valley Forest Products Ltd.

Click image to enlarge picture Valley Forest Products Ltd. has been in business supplying quality alder, maple, birch and apple firewood since 1980. With over 26 years in business, Valley Forest Products Ltd. services over seventy two restaurants in British Columbia and Alberta. This growth is due to the fact that the firewood that we provide is a well split, top quality hardwood. With excellent product and service, Valley Forest Products Ltd. will continue to grow.

Our wood is split from firewood rounds into 4 - 6" pieces with a length of 14 - 16". The firewood is then stacked and cured in specially designed solar heated shelters. They are dried until the moisture content is less than 20% (usually takes 8 months).Clck to enlarge This allows for maximum heat generation and decreases creosote build-up in the chimney. After 8 months the firewood is removed and shipped to our clients. At this point we offer an additional service of stacking the firewood on location.

When you compare wood dealer prices and understand the volume compared to the price, you will find that our prices are very competitive.

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